Tuzoc Metal Garden Hose 100FT, Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Water Hose With 10 Function Nozzle, No-Tangle & No-Kink, Tough & Flexible, Durable and Lightweight, Rust Proof hose for Yard, Outdoor, RV

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Metal garden hoseMetal garden hose

Metal garden hoseMetal garden hose

The brand of Tuzoc originated from my family life. We lived in a farm since we were young. Every time we could see my parents using traditional water hose, inefficient and hard work. In order to make my parents work efficiently, I started to look for manufacturers to Compare hose quality, function. In the end, I set up a garden hose of my own brand. This journey has been difficult, but it is more of happiness.

Tuzoc Meatl garden hose

The metal water hose nozzle is made of metal zinc alloy and ABS plastic for greater durability and corrosion resistance. The thumb control makes this nozzle easy to hold and switch. In addition, the ergonomically designed nozzle grip features a non-slip rubber pad that is more comfortable to use and prevents slippage. The rotating baffle allows you to choose from 10 spray patterns to meet all your needs. Can be used for watering gardens and cleaning houses, cars, yards, pet bathrooms, and so on.
The metal garden hose features aluminum pressure-resistant fittings and the stabilizer rings are designed to withstand extreme forces. the unique internal construction prevents water from leaking through the joints. A 60% increase in internal diameter provides good water pressure, an on/off valve makes output easy to control and rubber gaskets on both ends of the hose provide a tight seal to prevent hose leaks. The metal hose comes with three replaceable leak-proof gaskets in case of emergency.
Metal garden hose 100ft can easily withstand any elements, will not dry out in the hot summer sun nor will it fail from extreme cold snow elements. It will not rust or corrode, even when knotted and will ensure a continuous flow of water since it will not kink. The unique interlocking flexible design is very flexible and ideal for the elderly or people with limited physical ability and can be easily carried to various places.
Each outdoor garden hose has connectors on both sides. When the garden hose does not reach the length you need, you can connect two different hoses to extend the total length. The metal is extremely lightweight and highly flexible,maximizing your storage space and ensuring that it can be neatly organized and stored. It can simply be hung on an outdoor faucet or fence, or placed in storage bags and boxes. Each item includes one hose,one 10-function hose nozzle, and three replaceable rubber rings.
Fittings on both ends of the stainless steel water hose ID: 3/8 inch, OD: 5/8 inch, perfectly compatible with 3/4 inch faucets or sprinklers and nozzles.

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