Teaching 2nd Grade on Twosday 2-22-22 NEW encouragement

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Teaching 2nd Grade on Twosday 2-22-22

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Teaching 2nd Grade on Twosday 2-22-22

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February 22, 2022 is 2-22-22! We call it Two’s Day! Celebrate this special 2s day with your students. You can also do Twos Day on 2-2-22. We’ve done all the work for you creating themed activities for a fun and memorable day.

Teaching 2nd Grade on Twosday 2-22-22

includes reading, writing, math, STEM, art, and fun activities such as doubles, double consonants, two-syllable words, two-digit addition and subtraction, famous duos, number 2 drawings… and so much more.

There are more than enough activities included to last the whole day, or even spread out throughout a week! The activities can be used in a whole group, small group, partners, and/or independently. This is a perfect celebration unique to 2nd grade! 100th day is celebrated in kindergarten and 1st grade… but they don’t do Two’s Day!



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